The least threatening clown image that stock photos had to offer.

Clown Crime Spree In US Possibly Even Scarier Than The Election

Kids are now colluding with the clowns. This. Is. Serious.


This Bill Might Finally Put An End To Revenge Porn

The phenomenon of people distributing sexual images of videos of others without their consent is horrifying and life-destroying for victims, who often have no legal recourse.

At the time, no one could tell me why I was suddenly visiting the ER on a monthly basis. Image: Thinkstock

Having A Rough Childhood Can Affect Your Health As An Adult

Prescribe, refer, repeat — that was the drill for several years. It wasn’t until I started to explore the impact of childhood adversity that I saw the big picture, and it began to make sense.

Credit: ThinkStock

16 States Have More People In Prison Cells Than College Dorms

Let than sink in for a minute. More people behind bars than in the dorms.

Child exhibits better self-control than the average adult on St. Patty's Day (Credit: andrew_mc_d/Flickr)

The Drunken Curse Of St. Patty's Day Stupidity

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's all the reasons all that booze might make you act like a drunken, violent idiot. But please don't.


The Strange World Of "Body Farms": Solving Crime Mysteries One Cadaver At A Time

It may be grisly, but by strewing corpses around a field, scientists are able to snag killers and address global human rights abuses.


Michael Worthington Was Executed by Lethal Injection, Reminds Us America Sanctions Murder in 2014

Should we care that monstrous men suffer painful deaths, given all the unthinkable suffering they've caused their victims? Yes. Here's why.


"Pimp Shaming": The Controversial New Strategy to Fight Sex Trafficking

We're all for shaming pimps, but is shame an effective way to combat crime?