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Nicole Arbour And I Agree About Syrian Refugees And I Don't Know What's Real Anymore

Nicole Arbour –– comedian of "Dear Fat People" fame –– is back with a new video, and this time it's NOT a complete debacle. In fact, Arbour is surprisingly on point with her "Dear Refugees" video, which takes aim at the Syrian refugee crisis.

Image: Nicole Arbour YouTube

"Dear Black People," Nicole Arbour Does It Again

Recycling jokes about stereotypes isn’t funny. Misrepresenting appropriation isn’t funny. Throwing three sentences into a video about the struggle doesn’t make you immune from criticism or a good ally. This could have been amazing.

Flowers make people happy. FLOWER, BITCHES.

Response #7431 To The "Dear Fat People" Lady

I was pretty firm in my conviction over the weekend that I wouldn’t even address this Meanie Pants, but then another person emailed me, and another and another, and said they actually felt really shitty about themselves after being pretty much being fucking forced to watch that nonsense video. And I remembered that there was a time I would have felt really shitty, too.