I'm answering all of those early pregnancy questions so you can stop Googling!

16 Common Early Pregnancy Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask

You're pregnant, and you’re worried. I get it, I have six kids! So I'm answering common early pregnancy questions so you can worry less.


The Dos And Don'ts Of Colonscopy Prep

...[I]f you think it’s a good idea to take a selfie with your gallon jug of Golytely and post it on social media with a “guess what I’m doing” caption, you might want to tell your mom why you’re having a colonoscopy so she doesn’t assume the worst. Ask me how I know.

My sickness bought us closer and helped me embrace my new, totally unexpected relationship. Image: Abby Dawson.

How Waking Up Next To My New Girlfriend Covered In Sh*t Changed Me

[CN: emetophobia] I look up at Hannah with bulging eyes and my hands covering my mouth. We have a bit of a shituation. “Han, I am so sorry."