Diet Slam

Shailene Woodley, clay-eating's No. 1 fan

Diet Slam Du Jour: Surprisingly, Eating Clay is a Really Stupid Idea

Hollywood starlets Zoe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley are touting the weight-loss benefits of clay. Sounds a bit dirty to us.


Diet Slam: "Hungry Woman" Fad Reveals Startling Truth—Women Like (And Need!) To Eat

This new diet tells women it's OK to, you know, eat. Why exactly is this a revelation?


Diet Slam of the Week: The Bastardization of "No Diet Day"

A noble day launched by the National Eating Disorder Information Centre has been completely debased. But . . . are we really that surprised?


Diet Slam: 'Whole 30' Tells Women To Lose Weight Fast...Or Else

Will people be able to stick with this extreme version of the de rigueur Paleo diet?


Diet Slam of the Week: Saying Goodbye to Deadly Diet Soda

New research has us accepting that it's finally time to move on from our beloved Diet Coke. Sigh.


Diet Slam of the Week: Pound Cookies, Lose Weight!

The "cookie diet" sounds too good to be true because (sigh) it is.