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My sister is an emotionally unsafe person for me to be around. (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: My Sister Is Abusive & I'm Terrified Of Her

I'm afraid of her. I'm a successful, educated woman with a wonderful marriage and a great career. And I'm afraid of my abusive sister. Read...
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 I'm afraid my parents will choose religion over me. (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Will My Parents Choose Religion Over Me?

I just want something in my life to be happy and not dictated by some tyrannical religious presence. I'm afraid my parents will choose religion over Read...
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My parents wanted our family to be in high-threat mode because it kept us closer.

Take The Cake: Breaking Up With My Family, Part 1

More than lip service to an unlikely situation, I needed accountability from my family. Small things that required less bravado, but more work. Just Read...
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Had I known there were men like him all along, would I have made the choices I had?

When Dysfunction Met Perfection (A Love Story)

I grew up in a home with some undesirable happenings. (I assume everyone does, but my husband has made me question my assumption.) Read...
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Being with your partner’s dysfunctional family is an exercise in self-restraint.
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Lucille in her best(?) times. (Credit: Facebook)

The Arrested Development Family: Insane, Outrageous and Completely Relatable

A fifth season of the cult favorite is reportedly on the horizon. Here's why we can't wait for more of this family's familiar dysfunction. Read...
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