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What Happens When An Earthquake Strikes The Place Where You Grew Up?

I'm from Napa, the epicenter for a recent 6.0 magnitude quake that challenged my ideas about Mother Nature and human nature.

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Rosetta Spacecraft Piggy-Backs on Comet to Solve Ancient Mysteries

Considering this mission's dangers, cortisol levels for European scientists are probably sky high. Luckily, the payoff looks promising.


Humanity's Legacy Might be the Tunnels and Holes We've Dug

An easy-to-forget feature of human ingenuity may be the final vestige of our time in the universe.

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NASA Comes Clean: Solar Flare Nearly Decimated Earth’s Electrical Grid

Scientists just deduced that we narrowly escaped a date with electrical doom.


Want to See the First Spider to Walk the Earth? Science Can Do That for You

See how it all began for the subject of our arachnophobia nightmares.


Science is Sweet: Dark Side of the Moon Mystery Solved!

We’ve been puzzled by moon photos for more than 50 years, but behold! Researchers claim to have an answer for the orb’s ever-inconsistent appearance.


Science is Sweet: “Mega-Earth” Discovery Shocks Scientists

Long-maligned simply as gassy afterthoughts, Kepler data shows giant planets can have life-hospitable conditions.