Faking health is a common coping mechanism for someone with chronic illness.

Why People With Chronic Illness Fake Being Healthy 

A common coping mechanism for someone with chronic illness is to fake being healthy. I’d like to shed some light on this very misunderstood behavior.

When people have only nice things to say about the world, I get frustrated.

The Five Worst Types Of Nice People (You Know The Ones)

This article originally appeared on Mamamia and has been republished with p

No, I don't want a see-through wedding gown.

Say No To The Dress: My Awful Experience At Kleinfeld

Why did Kleinfeld treat me like I was buying a used car, and let me leave the store with nothing but a headache (and, frankly, a hankering for some Valium)?


Study Says Homeopathy Is Not Legit

Homeopathy has long been championed by vocal proponents—yet its treatments have been


Teen Poses As OB/GYN—For A MONTH

Sometimes, sex-ed just isn't enough.

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Gone Girl's Rape Problem

Although penned by a woman, the blockbuster book and film includes—and perpetuates—disturbing claims of fake rape.

Hey guys: Remember when Shark Week didn't involve a douchebag in a shark costume? (Credit: Discovery.com)

It's Official: Dumbed-Down Shark Week Has Jumped the Shark 

Once focused on revealing the actual world of sharks, Discovery Channel's hyped programming has become dumb, weird and fake.


Paris Hilton Says She's Still Traumatized by Revenge Porn 

It's the 10th Anniversary of 1 Night In Paris, the sex tape heard round the world. Hilton stands by her innocence, so why don't we believe her?