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Jessica Kane Of Society+ Shares The Heart And Soul Behind Her Brand

We love Kane because she takes the position of kindness and generosity above all else, creating safe spaces online for plus sizes, especially those above a US size 24. She backs that up by creating clothing for those bodies, as well.


SoCal Gets Fierce: L.A. Welcomes First Trans Modeling Agency

Looks like the City of Angels just scored some extra-special wings!


Michelle Obama's Influence On The Fashion Industry

We all know Michelle Obama is one of the most impeccably dressed First Ladies, well, ever.


Kat Engh & Nina Asay: Fashion Bloggers

instagram queens. style inspirations. body positivity promoters.

Credit: Drunk J.Crew

Drunk J.Crew Tumblr Is Nailing It

Turns out, dead-serious photos plus inebriated lines make for a good time—and an incisive point about fashion industry standards.