feminist parenting

It's okay to be conflicted about raising a boy.

How Am I Going To Be A Mother To A Boy?

Yesterday I found out my baby is a boy and I haven't really stopped crying since. Read...
Casey Gilly    |   04.10.17   |   SHARE
My husband's a feminist, raised by a feminist couple. It's been a gift to me, and to our daughters.

I'm A Stronger Feminist Because Of My Husband

I would never imply that someone needs to be married or heterosexual to be stronger, feminist or otherwise. My husband just happens to be the person Read...
Kathryn Hively    |   01.23.17   |   SHARE
Values should carry over into one's parenting. Image: Pexels.

5 Ways I Practice Intersectional Feminist Parenting

My beliefs about people’s rights, including my own, are a significant factor in how I define myself, how I identify, and how I treat other people. Read...
Akilah S. Richards    |   06.13.16   |   SHARE
He's a baby, not a "man."

Please Stop Calling My Child 'Little Man'

We’re trying to raise him with a lot of options and very few assumptions, but I won’t be mad at you if you call my kid “handsome little boy” or Read...
Katherine DM Clover    |   03.18.16   |   SHARE