This Dog Apparently Holds A Fidget Spinner World Record

We salute you, fidget spinner dog. You are a good boy.

Will anyone take Mike Flynn up on his immunity offer? And what is up with how cute hippos can be?? (Image Credit: YouTube/Freedom of Press)

#RavsRadar: Mike Flynn, Russia, Turkey, Immunity, & Yes, Baby Hippos

We interrupt our regularly scheduled #FurballFriday to bring you news that retired General Mike Flynn, the disgraced former National Security Advis

Otters are cute enough, but BABY OTTERS?!!! (Image Credit: YouTube/AP Archive)

#RavsRadar: Baby Otters Frolicking - A Happy Weekend To You

OMG, y’all. This has been a week.

Wombats have butts that can probably kill predators. Wow. (Image Credit: Flickr/Louis Jones)

#RavsRadar: All Hail The Wombat & Its Epic Tush

On this #FurballFriday, we are delving into the marvelous marsupial world of the wombat.