I was always scared, as much as I didn’t want to be my mother, I was.

Can I Be Bipolar And A Good Parent?

In early adulthood, the bipolar disorder that was my genetic destiny was pushed around — shuffled from doctor to doctor, city to city, misdiagnosis to misdiagnosis. Deeply distressed, consumed by sadness after the birth of my first child, they called it “postpartum depression.” If I had manic energy, they called it “drive” or “passion” or “dedication.” Snap decisions, irresponsible, risky, promiscuous behavior — it was just “life learning.” I never finished anything I started, something always got in the way.

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The Greatest Voyage Into The Unknown Might Be Right In Our Own Bodies

American virologist Nathan Wolfe says 40-50% of all the genetic information in our gut is unclassifiable—he calls it biological dark matter.