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Kacey Musgraves. Image: Wikipedia

The Evolution Of Same-Sex Love In Country Music

Country music is an overwhelmingly heterosexual endeavor. The LGBTQ community certainly listen to, and perform, country, but in terms of lyrical content and themes, country has been focused on male-female romantic love.


Country Music Stations Pull Little Big Town's "Girl Crush" Amid Conservative Uproar

It's hard being a liberal country-music fan, in large part because—the sad truth is—so many fans of the genre are distressingly closed-minded and i


#WCW and the Original Girl Crush (No, You're Probably Not a Secret Lesbian)

Today's Wednesday(!) and it's likely that your Instagram feed is full of beautiful women accompanied by the hashtag #WCW (or #womancrushwednesday). Let's head over to the science dept. to learn about the glory of the gromance shall we?