Gloria Steinem

Can a feminist vote for Bernie?

Thank You Gloria and Madeleine, I Can Decide My Vote For Myself

If I vote for a candidate it will never be because of what is between their legs, for their chromosomes. Just like I don’t want to be held back or Read...
Jessica Martin-Weber    |   02.9.16   |   SHARE

#RavReads: My Life On The Road, By Gloria Steinem

My Life on the Road (or MLR) is not what I expected...the idea of not waiting for experience to come to you permeates the book. Read...
Eliana Osborn    |   02.8.16   |   SHARE

I'm The Son Of A Famous Second-Wave Feminist—And Want The Men Of Tomorrow To Be Different

Good people of all sexes should be motivated to end gender inequality because patriarchal rules limit everyone's ability to be their whole selves. Read...
Ariel Chesler    |   12.5.14   |   SHARE