Jennifer Lawrence

Once Again, Elizabeth Banks Is The Star Of Mockingjay's Press Tour

Read and weep, Jennifer Lawrence!

"I wonder what creepy Internet hacker is going to do with this later?" Credit: Thinkstock

A Reminder In The Wake Of Snapchat Leak: Culpability Lies With The Hackers, Not The Pic-takers

Let's place blame where it belongs—on those who are unconscionably violating the privacy of others.

Credit: ThinkStock

The Science Behind Our Selfie Obsession

The celebrity nude photo leaks raise a pertinent question: Why do people take salacious selfies in the first place?


The Sexist Drivel of X-Men: Why Can't Women in Comic Book Films Catch a Break?

Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is a misogynistic stereotype that's been trotted out in comic book films ad nauseam.


Bradley Cooper as the New Indiana Jones? Why Not a Woman Instead

Bradley Cooper may fill the shoes of the iconic action hero. Yawn. Ladies love guns and museums, too! Here's our plea for a female Indiana Jones.


New Peter Pan Movie "Racebends" Princess Tiger Lily, Casts Caucasian Poster-child Rooney Mara

Last we checked, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was not Native American.


Ellen DeGeneres Takes a Selfie. Time Stops. Twitter Explodes. History Remembers.

First of all, how much does Ellen DeGeneres ROCK?! She's a badass funny chick who looks fabulous all the time, AND she makes it look so easy!