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Weight is actually healthy. (GASP!)

Why "Calories In Vs Calories Out" Is A Lie

We have been told that that's how it works: calories in vs calories out. "Eat less than you expend and you'll lose weight." Read...
Caroline Dooner    |   03.17.16   |   SHARE
You can love, accept, and appreciate yourself and your body now, independent of your weight.

7 Reasons Why "I Need To Lose Weight" Is A Damn Lie

I’ve heard this so many times: “Your talk of normal eating and body love is all good and fine — but I need to lose weight.” This is what I have to Read...
Caroline Dooner    |   02.11.16   |   SHARE
I'll let you in on a little secret - being thin didn't make me happy, but being "Fat" does!

Being Thin Didn't Make Me Happy, But Being "Fat" Does 

I'll let you in on a little secret - being thin didn't make me happy, but being "Fat" does! Be fat and happy. Be unapologetically fat. Read...
Joni Edelman    |   12.21.15   |   SHARE
Be you, no diet necessary.

The Diet Identity: Why You Should Lose Your Relationship To Your Weight 

It’s really hard to exist in this culture as a woman who does not talk about or complain about weight. Why? Because we are so conditioned and used to Read...
Caroline Dooner    |   12.10.15   |   SHARE
"You look so skinny!" Um, stop sounding so happy...

I'm Worth More Than My BMI: I've Lost 57 Pounds...And?

“You’re getting thin, gal!” My mom said as I strutted through the archway of my parents’ front door. “Thanks mom,” I muttered. It was the fifth time Read...
Evette Dionne    |   11.9.15   |   SHARE

When You Have To Lose Weight for a Baby, Not a Jean Size

I’ve wanted to be a mother my entire life, but always worried about my heart condition and whether I would be able to conceive. Finally, my chance Read...
Rebecca Shamblin    |   06.18.15   |   SHARE

How Do I Learn To Love My Body After Losing Weight?

When it comes to your physique, your mind can actually work against you. Read...
Joni Edelman    |   03.30.15   |   SHARE
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Reflections On The Post-Baby Body

Good god, where will I ever find someone who will love me in such a pitiful condition? Read...
Joni Edelman    |   10.14.14   |   SHARE
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