Michael Brown

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What You Can Do Right Now About Police Brutality

There are things you can do to have a make an impact. I’ve compiled a list of items that you can consider: What To Do Right Now About Police Brutality Read...
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Even In Tragic Death, Charlie Hebdo Victims Benefit From Privilege 

Who is memorialized in death has everything to do with race, class . . . and who you were in life. Read...
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As Attorney General Eric Holder Steps Down, Let's Remember Him With These 3 Quotes On Enduring Racism In America

While Holder might be best remembered for the Mexican drug cartel scandal, his words on racial relations in America are the better part of his legacy. Read...
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Watch: Ferguson Kids Calling Out White America On Racism

Racism. Still very much a thing. Read...
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Why Ferguson Is A Feminist Issue

If feminism is about humanism, we need to care about people’s ability to parent in safe, healthy environments. Read...
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Fear And Loathing In The USA: Why Are We Afraid Of Cops?

Even if those muscles remain mostly unflexed, there is a potential violence that’s present in the flash of a badge or the barrel of a gun. Read...
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Michael Brown Doesn’t Need To Be A Hero For Ferguson to Matter

Attempts to salvage Michael Brown's character and portray him as angelic detract from the bigger issues at play. Read...
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The Latest from Ferguson: Tear Gas, Media Threats, Horrifying Autopsy Report

Michael Brown's damning autopsy has been released, as the streets of Ferguson descend into chaos. Read...
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