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#SelfCareSunday: Naming Your Narcissistic Abuser

When you can’t trust your perception of reality and the things that you are experiencing, who or what can you trust? Read...
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Still trying to heal from a difficult childhood and toxic parenting... Image: tranmautritam/Unsplash.

Why I Don't Find Sh*tty Mom Funny

[CN: Toxic parents] I am a big fan of inappropriate humor (especially when said humor is tinged with sarcasm), and I’m an even bigger fan of using Read...
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8 Mistakes I Made Divorcing A Narcissist — And How To Avoid Them

As soon as the relationship ends, you are no longer useful to them, and they will no longer feel any obligation to treat you civilly, much less with Read...
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How 10 Days Of Selfies Changed My Life (Kind Of)

I decided there had to be something of substance to the serial selfiest. These people can't possibly all be narcissists. Read...
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Do The Kardashians Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

We mock Kim et al ruthlessly . . . but we also can't get enough. What's going on here? Read...
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Why We Think We're Better at Things Than We Actually Are

Welcome to the self-deluded world of illusory superiority. Read...
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Don't Blame Your Broken Heart on Social Media, Blame it On Your Narcissism

Passing notes and blowing kisses are more effective than tweets, didyaknow? Read...
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Stop Making Extreme Proposal Videos Already! Sheesh.

Geez, we looooove our social media. Some of us even love it more than the people on it. You know, their friends – and fiancés.You’ve probably seen a Read...
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