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Breaking News: We Went To Saturn And It Is Surrounded By Kittens

The “kittens” of Saturn are actually a group of small clumps and baby moons (AKA “moonlets”).

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Meet The Man Who's Going To Take Us To Mars (And No, It's Not Elon Musk)

By 1999, NASA's voyages to Mars were mostly disasters and the entire space agency was suffering. Then along came Scott Hubbard.


The Supermoon Cometh: Get Your Ass Outside For Some Star-gazing Tonight!

Tonight marks the very last of this summer’s uber-rare run of three supermoons. Get thee to a telescope.


Science is Sweet: We Just Discovered an Underground Ocean on a Saturn Moon

A NASA spacecraft is busy blowing our minds with revolutionary data on features of a far-away moon that holds the building blocks for life. Icy-moon mermaids, here we come!


Seth MacFarlane, Obama, Craig Ferguson Agree: Science is the Best!

"I F*cking Love Science" and "Cosmos" are bringing scientific wonder back into the mainstream. It's about damn time.


We're Not Alone! Spacecraft Revealing Tons of Earth-like Planets

When NASA isn’t busy tracking massive space obje


Eek! Another Space Rock Hurls Toward Earth

What’s the size as three football fields, and travels at 27,000 mph?