Men, if you don’t care about whether your partner is having a good sexual experience, you do not love them.

Why It Matters When Men Say They Don’t Go Down On Women

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What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Get Sober

I’ve talked a lot about the effect my sobriety has had on my Read...
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The young women interviewed described using fake orgasms as a tool to “escape” a situation in which they otherwise had no control. Image: Thinkstock.

Women Are Faking Orgasms In An Attempt To End 'Coercive' Sex

The tale of women faking the big O has been around forever, and is often bandied about as a joke. But when it becomes an act of self protection, it Read...
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"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Why You Should Never Compare Sex Partners 

I have slept with seven men: five bona fide boyfriends, one guy I was seeing for a time, and one one-night stand. According to Slate’s sex history Read...
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How I Found Sexual Empowerment After Rape

The key to moving on came years later, having been within my reach the entire time: simply acknowledging that I am a sexual being. Read...
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A Happier Vagina: Here Are 4 Apps For That

These are the top four women's sexual health apps you need on your phone right now. Read...
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It's Official: Study Confirms Casual Sex Can be Amazing

People who like casual sex aren't actually deranged freaks. Is it time to stop judging no-strings-attached lovers? Read...
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