Fearless Girl was met with cheers and open arms. Pissing Pug incited cries of “male fragility!” and “misogyny!” and “revenge!” as though the Pug were a successful rebuke of feminism or women as a whole. Pissing Pug is not that.

Feminists Got The Pissing Pug Wrong

The rejection of Pissing Pug betrays a lack of critical thinking and an oversimplified understanding of these artworks individually and as a whole. We have to do better. Feminism doesn’t need the tarnish of torches and pitchforks picked up without just cause.


New Show Invites Guests To Have Sex In A Box

Despite the evil efforts of Comcast overlords, cable

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School Shooting In Marysville Is The 87th Since Newtown—And, Horrifyingly, It Barely Feels Like News

Second to the horror of school shootings is our chilling non-response to them.


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