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Ravishly’s Official Position On The Conversation Around Body Image And Body Positivity 

We are always evolving and learning because we believe that’s the best way to live.

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American Parents Are Miserable — But Not Because They're Parents

Are you a parent? Do you feel unhappy? Do you feel constantly stressed? Do you wish you could take a breather without worrying that you'd be losing pay or potentially losing your job? Is childcare eating up more of your income than any other expense?


Target Updates Breastfeeding Policy, And It's Actually Good

Oh Target. Do we love you, or hate you?

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Facebook, Remind Me Again, What Breasts Are OK?

"Their careful managing of she-breasts is understandable given the archaic notion that women’s bodies are sex traps for men and really, many of us appreciate the efforts to minimize objectifying women and putting a full stop on focusing on female bodies as purely for the pleasure of the male gaze."


Google Announces Major Change To Mobile Search Ranking Policy

If you work at a digital media company, chances are you'll soon be discussing, at length, this buzzed-about tech-world news: Google is launching a


Prepare for Oversharing: Breast-Feeding Pics Now Allowed on Facebook

Here's why we're celebrating this mom-friendly change in policy.