Fall Has Arrived, Bringing Dirty Socks With It

The leaves of the deciduous trees are beginning to turn — red, orange, yellow, shades of sunset — and fall has arrived, announcing the change of seasons.


What The Poor Won't Tell You

All I wanted, most days, was a cute apartment with big windows, sheer curtains billowing in the breeze, where I could sit comfortably and read a book.

I never expected to struggle like this.

Dancing On The Poverty Line: It Was Never Supposed To Be Like This

Back when we decided to have a baby together, we had a plan. She was never, ever going to have to work full-time. She was going to work part-time, and I was going to work part-time, selling dog food at that cute little store I used to work at. We would have one day off a week in common, and we would be broke, but we would get by. We would be tired, but we would be happy.

Credit: Flickr/Kelly Sikkema

I Lived In Poverty To Save My Son From Daycare

Why do we find it more acceptable for parents to be emotionally unavailable to their children than we do for them to choose to live below the poverty line?