The first rule: Unrequited love sucks.

We Need To Learn How To Handle Unrequited Love

The first rule: Unrequited love sucks. The second rule took regrettably longer for me to get a handle on: My unilateral crush was not this guy’s problem.

She explained that she had been caught off-guard and had been projecting her own deeply-rooted body image issues onto me. Image: Thinkstock.

Why I Defend The Person Who Rejected Me

Once I became a body positive writer and speaker, I told the story of that night on podcasts and in interviews as an example of the sort of reaction I was afraid of prior to my video about my excess skin going viral. Every time, the interviewer made a comment about how Dana was “the ugly one,” not me. And every time, I told them I didn’t want her to be vilified or insulted.


5 Celebrity Rejection Letters Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better about Your Own Life

Rejection is regrettably a constant part of life. And it’s hard not to internalize it as a denouncement of your entire being.