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It’s Time To Retire “Grease” As A School Play

I wondered what on earth anyone was thinking having a bunch of preteens celebrate this sexist, don’t-be-yourself, do-anything-for-a-man garbage school play.

Yes, men, even woke men, still say the most unbelievable things to us in bed.

Things Men Need To Stop Saying To Women In Bed

Yes, men, even woke men, still say the most unbelievable things to us in bed and most of the time, we don’t say anything back.

We can give our children tools to empower them when they are bombarded with harmful and oppressive messages.

How To Counter The Sexist Bullsh*t Your Daughters Learn At School  

How do we, as parents, counter this deeply ingrained message that our girls and young women are supposed to look a certain way to be accepted?

Women who appear as homeowners or home seekers across HGTV’s programming are portrayed almost exclusively in terms of extremes.

Why Does HGTV Want Its Viewers To Hate Women?

Why must HGTV’s production and editing teams insist on painting the women who appear on their popular shows in wildly broad strokes of high maintenance, needy, and (dare I even say the word?) bossy?


Carina Chocano Wants More Roles For Women Than Just "The Girl"

Carina Chocano talks about how “The girl” is a sidekick, plus-one to the central character: a dude. She may be smart and beautiful, but she’s half-formed.

A middle schooler's act of defiance has called into question the purpose of their dress code.

Lovers & Fighters In America: 6th Grader Molly Neuner Shares Why She Challenged Her School's Sexist Dress Code

The following day, instead of adhering to the dress code, Molly decided to take a stand against it. She wore another sleeveless top to school and this time she wrote a powerful message on her arm: #IAmNotADistraction. Twenty other girls at the school wore tank tops that day too to show their solidarity.


This Papa Murphy's Commercial Will Make You Rage Quit TV

#MasculinitySoFragile, amirite?


And The Dalai Lama Is Also Sexist. Just Great.

In today's SEXISM IS REAL, EVERYWHERE news: The Dalai Lama.