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Should I stop giving unsolicited advice? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Should I Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice? Please Advise.

I am the "advice columnist" of my friends' group. How much helping is too much helping? Should I stop giving unsolicited advice? Read...
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Pregnant AND breastfeeding. Come at me.

I Don't Care If You Don't Like It: You Are Not Entitled To Your Sh*tty Instagram Comment 

I’ve run out of patience. I’ve run out of polite ways to say sit down and shut up. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   07.3.17   |   SHARE
Image by Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

Rav's Repro: Please Stop Saying These Things To Pregnant People 

I get it. People think they're helpful, sharing their experience. I give advice weekly; who am I to talk? But the thing is, why is so much of the Read...
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I’d rather spend my time doing a million other things.

SMH: Apparently I Need To Learn How To Cook If I Want To Get Married

I’d rather do anything than talk to cab drivers (or hair dressers, or bus seat mates or… anyone). I hate small talk. I put in my earbuds and I give Read...
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