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The United States Doesn't Care About Breastfeeding Or Formula — It Cares About Money

There is a lot of inaccurate and misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes, and the FDA skips along its merry corrupt way in response. Read...
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A Happy Birthday To Roe V. Wade—And A Middle Finger To Its Deadly Step-Sibling, The Helms Amendment

A dear "happy birthday” and a hearty “goddamn, I want to build a barricade around you to protect you from the clutches of Read...
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Button Your Fly: Ebola Virus Can Live For Three Months In Semen

WHO is warning against making whoopie with a previously infected man. Read...
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Will The U.S. See A Rise In Remote Abortion Treatment?

The New York Times magazine has shed light on what could be the next frontier in the ever-fraught abortion debate. Read...
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Sierra Leone's Nurse Sellu Won't Give Up The Fight Against Ebola

In the midst of the virus’ war path at the government hospital in Kenema, she carries on with her work despite having lost 15 nurses. Read...
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