For people who feel things deeply, just BEING is an intense experience. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Survival Tips For The Sensitive Soul

Dear Sensitive Soul: Are you having a hard time right now? Me too. I think a lot of us are.


Humanity's Legacy Might be the Tunnels and Holes We've Dug

An easy-to-forget feature of human ingenuity may be the final vestige of our time in the universe.


High on History: That Time When People Overpopulated Themselves into Oblivion

Researchers have puzzled out a mystery for the sudden disappearance of a Puebloan civilization: too many babies.


Shakespeare in the Bush: How Will Hamlet Go Down in the Congo?

The Globe Theatre troupe is taking the man from Stratford to all the nations of the Earth. In the next two years the cast will perform Hamlet in every. single. country. This should be interesting.