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Winona Dimeo-Ediger


Winona Dimeo-Ediger is a blogger, author, and banjo enthusiast based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @winonarose.

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Image courtesy: OK magazine

An Imagined Conversation With A Tabloid Magazine

But my God, have you read a celebrity gossip rag recently? They make Vogue and InStyle seem like forward-thinking beacons of body positivity and intersectional feminism.


If You Give A White Girl A Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you give a White girl a pumpkin spice latte, she’s going to ask for a gluten-free vegan apple spice muffin.


Off The Cuff: Summer Shoe Options That Don’t Show Toes

From personal insecurity to medical issues to office dress codes, summer months don’t always translate to open toe shoes. Here are a few summer shoe options that are stylish, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate, all without showing any toe.


Signs You Might Be An Entitled Millennial Who's Ruining Everything

Basically, if you took a map of the world and put red pushpins wherever something terrible was happening, you’d find a millennial directly in the center, snapchatting.

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How Not To Take A Compliment

"Cute dress!" "This? I literally found it in a dumpster behind Baja Fresh."

She brings peak HBIC vibes.

6 Easy Ways To Get That Ina Garten Swagger

This woman has serious swagger. It’s a slightly more subtle swagger than, say, Snoop Lion, but it’s there: in the nonchalant flick of her wrist while tossing garlic cloves into a food processor; in her decision to throw a spontaneous formal garden party just because she made a frittata, and in her firm pronouncements to use only “good” ingredients — without ever defining what that means.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 6

7 Ways To Ruin Your Life Like The Real Housewives

1. Only eat salad and grilled chicken. Salad and grilled chicken, as a general rule, don’t ruin lives. Salad and grilled chicken are great... sometimes. Unless you’re going to amazing restaurants all the time and ordering nothing but salad and grilled chicken — then salad is definitely ruining your life.

Be nice to your sales associate.

10 Telltale Signs You’ve Worked Retail

6. You would never DREAM of talking on your phone during a transaction, because you know from experience how uniquely dehumanizing and soul-crushing it is to try to engage with someone who is chatting idly with their sister and not making eye contact with you.

Instagram: IT’S NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image: Joni Edelman.

An Imagined Conversation With Instagram

Instagram: Don’t eat it though, just hold it. With a stiff, outstretched arm in front of a whimsical mural on a decaying brick wall.