Non-binary invisibility affects mental health.

We Need To Talk About How Non-Binary Invisibility Affects Mental Health

It’s both comforting and disturbing knowing that my experiences navigating as a non-binary person are not unique. This is non-binary invisibility. Read...
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image credit: Little Bear Schwarz

What It's Like Being A Sideshow Performer — On And Offstage

So the result, therefore, is a culture of “fans” considering us Sideshow Freaks — bearded ladies included — to be “neat” and “fun,” but not actually Read...
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It might seem frivolous to those who feel right at home being called "mom" or "dad," but many queer parents agonize over what their children will call them.

Not All Parents Are "Mom" Or "Dad" 

While it might seem frivolous to those who feel right at home in the titles "mom" or "dad," many queer parents agonize over what they want their Read...
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Our society may not yet be post-gender, but our home can easily be.

Because “I’m A Human”: Non-Binary Parenting

I’ve been catapulted from gender-neutral parenting to a call to action to break down the gender binary altogether and move to non-binary parenting. Read...
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Fatness, femininity and hair! Photo credit: @virgietovar on Instagram

Take The Cake: Fatness, Femininity, And My Pink Bangs

One of the things I have done for myself in adulthood as part of my healing process is make a strong claim to fatness femininity. Read...
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"I save dresses for the kinds of “special occasions” where it’s easier to wear a dress than to argue with people about why I didn’t wear a dress."

We Need To Talk About The Pressure To Be Femme When You're Fat

Femme, as it’s expected, isn’t easy for me. It seems to demand from me labor I’m increasingly less willing or less able to undertake as a mentally Read...
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Growing Up for Boys by Alex Firth, from Usborne

Usborne And The Most Ridiculously Sexist Book Ever

Usborne, publisher of books for CHILDREN, wants boys to know just what boobs are for. Read...
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image credit: Mikli Feria Jorge (via Twitter)

Mom Gives Her Son RuPaul Drag-Style Makeup; People Act Like A**holes

Why does his makeup look better than mine EVER HAS IN MY LIFE? Read...
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