How long does sex last? Inquiring minds want to know!

How Long Does Sex Last? Not Long Enough (Says A New Survey)

How long does sex last? This new (barely scientific) study of 3,836 people actually shows that men and women aren’t far off in their expectations. Read...
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Yes, women do face more dangers than men when we travel. But we also gain more strength from each journey into the unknown.

What It's Really Like To Travel As A Rape Survivor

I rarely have dreams about being raped anymore, that is until I announced on Facebook that I was going to India. Immediately, my inbox and my phone Read...
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After my brief moment of relief about Air India, I started to get angry.

Thoughts On Air India Launching Women-Only Section 

When I heard that Air India had created a women-only section on its domestic flights last week, I breathed a sigh of temporary relief. Every country Read...
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My sickness bought us closer and helped me embrace my new, totally unexpected relationship. Image: Abby Dawson.

How Waking Up Next To My New Girlfriend Covered In Sh*t Changed Me

[CN: emetophobia] I look up at Hannah with bulging eyes and my hands covering my mouth. We have a bit of a shituation. “Han, I am so sorry." Read...
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Sex + LoveVoices

India's Daughter: A Documentary On Rape Brews A Nationwide Storm

Excerpts from the film has created an earthquake of public reaction, splitting India into two sides on sexual violence. Read...
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South Asia's Fatherhood Revolution—And What It Means For Girls

A handful of fathers in countries with long sexist histories are slowly but surely walking the walk of empowering their daughters. Read...
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11 Women Dead From Botched Sterilization Surgeries In India

In 2012 alone, 4.6 million women underwent sterilization surgery, fueled by government quotas and financial incentives for doctors. Read...
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Malala Wins Nobel Peace Prize At Ripe Age Of 17

And in other news to celebrate: She's sharing the prize with fellow children's rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi. Read...
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