When my activist community turned toxic, I had to find a way to keep moving forward with my work.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? When Your Activist Community Becomes Toxic

It got to the incredibly toxic point, with my activist community, where I seriously considered walking away from activism for good. Read...
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Finding Refuge In Judaism As A Feminist Atheist

This past fall, I decided to stop worrying about the absence of my belief and allow myself the communal experience of prayer. I enjoy it, not because Read...
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"My particular brand of existence means allowing belief and non-belief to coexist peacefully alongside one another, just as Shintoism and Buddhism do in Japan — just as I must with my past."

Voodoo and Televangelism: A Black Woman's Journey To Atheism

I was probably the most religious kid you ever met. I genuinely believed in God, the way that most kids believe in Sunday morning cartoons and Read...
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"My spiritual practice evolves with life lessons, as does my feminism."- Lisa Factora-Borchers

Feminists Who Embrace Spirituality — And Why

In the hopes of finding a starting point to engage the complexities of the feminist spiritual experience, I interviewed feminists of different faiths Read...
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You matter and your happiness matters. Image: Thinkstock.

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Physical Self-Care

Take everything personally and think the worst of any situation? Overwhelmed with your job or at school? Say self-deprecating things about yourself, Read...
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A child can grow up to be anything.

I Was Raised Without Religion – And I’m Glad

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t grow up despondent, purposeless, or lost. Read...
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Will SCOTUS's New Ruling Protect Atheists as Well?

Studies show that atheists are trusted just a bit more than rapists—will atheists' religious rights be protected alongside the Godly's? Read...
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Saudi Arabia Outdoes Itself: Decrees that Atheists are Terrorists

Amid concern that the Syrian conflict could inspire revolt, the Saudi monarch criminalizes non-belief. Read...
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