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Teenage Girl Pimps Out Other Teenage Girls (You Won't Believe Where)

How is a teenage pimp made? Read...
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I needed to remind myself that being lonely is not the same as being alone. Yes, I was experiencing both, but someone, somewhere must’ve been thinking about me, right? (Image Credit: Unsplash/Jack Eiselt)

'Finding' Myself In California

In a time where everything was in flux, in transit, I thought leaving would be how I overcame the things I thought were, in fact, turning their backs Read...
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I will admit that nude hot springs are often the domain of thin white people. Kori and I are both melanin-blessed 250+ pound femmes. Image: author.

Two Fat Babes At The Naked Hot Springs

It all started with a text from my roomie, Kori: "I am manifesting lying out, and getting some sun on my cooch." Read...
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8 Alternative Solutions To California's Drought

1. Turn off Kim and Kanye’s sprinklers. Seriously, Kim and Kanye, the world around you is withering whilst your lawn remains as green as the billions Read...
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This Is What Happens When You Turn 21 On Easter Sunday

According to that fateful day in October, the vision of my pending 21st was a deafeningly loud, "I don't think so." Clad in pastel. Read...
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Who's ready for an animal balloon party? Courtesy of Thinkstock

Should Condoms Be Handed Out In Prison?

Because sex behind bars happens, you guys. Read...
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Sex + Love
"You cool with this? Yes? Awesome." (Credit: ThinkStock)

Media Backlash Over California's 'Yes Means Yes' Affirmative Consent Law Demonstrates Why We Need It

Why are so many well-established media types coming down against a law designed to curb campus sexual assault? Read...
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The Asian Comic-Book Superhero You Never Heard of is Getting a Second Chance

Originally created in the throes of World War II, the Green Turtle is finally getting the backstory and racial identity previously denied him. Read...
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