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Happy Birthday, Malcolm X—What Can We Learn From His Legacy? 

Malcolm X left this world with compassion, as well as a desire for equality and peace between folks of all ethnicities. Read...
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Should Condoms Be Handed Out In Prison?

Because sex behind bars happens, you guys. Read...
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Chris Brown's Depravity By The Numbers

It doesn't take a mathematician to determine our culture is seriously messed up for (consistently) promoting this (totally) awful performer. Read...
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The Case For A Prison Pen Pal: Exclusive Excerpt From Locked Down, Locked Out

In her soon-to-debut book, Maya Schenwar explores the power of letter-writing behind bars. Read...

Women In Prison Are Denied Their Humanity

A "get them out" framework—a framework of decarceration—must be introduced to the racist, violent prison system. Read...
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The Power Of Art In Women's Prisons

As an arts workshop facilitator at two maximum-security prisons, I learned how women can find beauty in a tube of paint—even while in jail. Read...
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Sasikala Natarajan, left, and J. Jayalalitha, right, are now both in jail.

The Shocking Downfall Of One Of India's Most Powerful Female Politicians 

J. Jayalalitha, a popular chief minister, has landed in jail as a result of a friend's betrayal. Hers is a story both sordid and damning. Read...
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Discomfort Food: How We Feed The Infirm And Incarcerated Is Disgusting

When you openly deride poor/sick/incarcerated people who have access to nutritious and delicious food, you set us all up for failure. Read...
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