Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Human Hamster Wheel! Batkid Snubbed! Cat Burger Pillows!

Performance Artists Make "Statement" With Human Hamster Wheel

Oh, those crazy performance artists! The latest NYC stunt features two artistes working together to spin a giant bling-ed out hamster wheel with a couple beds, a fridge and a chemical toilet. Apparently, the point is to explore "trust between two people" and express "what it means to collaborate." Or something. But whatever...two humans acting like idiots in a hamster wheel! Wowie!

Bravo Reality Star Cuddles up on Creepy Joe Simpson's Lap

Joe Simpson, father of Jessica Simpson—aka that awkward and icky dude who once said of his daughter's breasts, "You can't cover those suckers up!"— was recently seen enjoying the lap company of a washed-up reality TV star adorned in red, white, blue and heels. Naturally, Papa Simpson showed off bleached-blonde hair, a ridiculous leather jacket and a shirt unbuttoned at the top just so as he smiled sleezily for the cameras. So, to recap: a flamboyant reality TV star in Americana duds cozied up on the lap of a former Baptist minister whose sole claim to fame is inappropriate comments made about his pop-singer daughter's boobs...and it made the news. Only in America, folks!

Not Cool! Adorable Batkid Snubbed at Oscars!

Remember a few months ago, when your skeptical heart momentarily transformed into a glowing beam of sunshine as Batkid saved San Francisco? Well, that ridiculously cute and inspiring beacon of hope was just brutally snubbed by the Oscars. Apparently, Batkid was set to make an appearance at the ceremony during the superhero segment, only to be given the hook at the last minute. What gives, guys? We haven't had a good cleansing happy-cry in way too long, and Batkid always delivers. In the meantime, we'll have to resort to watching this video one more time. PREPARE TO CRY.

Cat Burger Pillows!

Click here. Trust us. And no, we can't explain to you why this is so riveting.

Image: Wikimedia Commons




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