seasonal affective disorder

Here are just a few ways we’re striving for something approaching enjoyment during the hot, humid, bug-y months of late June, July, and August. (Image Credit: Instagram/jaxjones)

#RavsRecs: Summer SAD Begone! Top Picks For Summer Playlists, Events, Baking Goals & Binge Watching

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder is actually a thing, and so here are just a few ways we’re striving for something approaching enjoyment during Read...
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The concept of Hygge is especially poignant in winter.

For Winter Blues, Embrace The Cozy Danish Concept of Hygge 

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is, according to Hygge House, “a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making Read...
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Every year, it’s like we’re all shocked about just how early it can get dark, wondering where the sun went as if we’ve never gone through winter before.

7 Tips For Coping With Seasonal Changes (And SAD)

You don’t need to be diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder to experience the negative effects of the colder, darker days. Every year, it’s like Read...
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It can be hard to understand how to support people in general, let alone those who seem to be struggling. Image: Thinkstock.

Tough Love: Not Always A Great Way To Help People Succeed

Some people will need more scaffolding to tackle their problems. Others, like some plants, are best left mostly alone and will eventually flourish on Read...
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Part of the depression of summer SAD is due to FOMO (“fear of missing out”). Image: Image: Tú Anh/Pixabay.

I Have Seasonal Affective Disorder — In The Summer

Seasonal Affective Disorder, a common mood disorder that was first described by Dr. Norman Rosenthal in 1984, is mostly discussed in terms of how it Read...
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The reality is that we think, act, and experience and see the world differently. Image: WOCinTech Chat.

Writing Culture Has An Ableism Problem

As storytellers, disabled writers have thousands of stories inside of us, some related to our disabilities and some not. Some of us are lucky enough Read...
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There are some concrete ways to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Five Ways To Kick Seasonal Affective Disorder’s Ass

Fact: It’s cold as f#ck outside and you should be watching Netflix. Read...
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That Blaring Abyss: Depression In The Dead Of Winter

I am among the 80% of Americans affected by symptoms of depression who are not currently seeking treatment. Read...
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