Can We Retire "Baby It's Cold Outside" And Its Date Rape Lyrics For Good?

"Say, what's in this drink?" . . . Read...
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"White people traditions are so majestic." Courtesy of YouTube
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Why Are the Lyrics Of Lullabies So Disturbing?

We think of lullabies as sweet and soothing, but their lyrics often reveal a darker side that’s just for momma. Read...
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Watch: What Men Are Really Saying When They Catcall

Had yet another uncomfortable street encounter with a random man lately? This video is chicken soup for the harassed soul. Read...
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The Eerie Case of the Blinking Mummy: Supernatural or Scientific?

A Sicilian mummy appears to open and shut her toddler eyes in front of spectators. What kind of sorcery is at work here? Read...
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Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" Celebrates 18 Years of Stalker Creepiness

"No way you're never gonna shake me"? "You can't escape me"? Cool it, Mariah. You're kind of scaring us. Read...
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Creepy-Amazing Full House Clip Shows Alternate Version of Tanner Family

Happy-go-lucky family, or terrorized prisoners of Danny’s psychosis? Full House. Reloaded. Read...
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Ronald McDonald Gets Demented Bellhop Makeover

Maybe it's time the top fast-food chain in the world went with another mascot altogether? Read...
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