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How To Rock The Fertility Awareness Method

When the pill doesn't work, try this. Read...
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5 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Sex

I want my kids to have an understanding of the truth of sex, the ins, the outs, the details no one wants to ask anyone—least of all their mom. Read...
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Mom Calls Out Target For Selling Barely-There Clothes For Little Girls

Who wears short shorts? Hopefully, not five-year-olds. Read...
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Solution or Snake Oil: HIV-Killing Condom Plagued by Questions

VivaGel condom lab tests show that it can "inactivate" up to 99.9 percent of HIV, herpes (HSV) and HPV. So what's the problem? Read...
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Obama (Finally) Moves Forward on LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination

Congress has sucked at promoting LGBTQ equality in the workplace. Enter Obama, who is using an executive order to take matters into his own hands. Read...
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Female Owned Condom Company Causes a Storm at Chase Bank

Condoms—the antidote to unwanted pregnancies and STIs? Not if you're Chase Bank. Read...
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Creepers Abound! 3 Ways to Prevent "Sextortion"

The latest trend in online perviness is all kinds of gross. Luckily, there are ways to fight against it. Read...
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Buy, Like, a Zillion Condoms. We’re All Going to Die From Gonorrhea

The Center for Disease Control says that gonorrhea is still wreaking havoc on America—so start double-bagging your nether bits. Read...
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