Watch: Crazy Talented One-Woman Band Nails Nirvana

Some songs aren't meant to be covered. They should be left alone. I mean, it's not like Jackson Pollock would've redone the Mona Lisa.

Up until now, we thought Nirvana's ultimately sarcastic diatribe about the evils of Courtney Love, "Heart Shaped Box," belonged in that category.

We were wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Check out this amazing cover of "Heart Shaped Box" by one-woman-band Kawehi. Though her jam sessions must be lonely (no bass player to bicker with), her soul and angst will make you forget that you're listening to just one person.

The best part? There's totally a glass of wine in the shot. The. Entire. Time.

See for yourself:

Image: jamming away. Courtesy of Vimeo

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