Yusra Rafeeqi wants to invite you for dinner through "Dine With A Muslim Family."

Lovers & Fighters In America: 'Dine With A Muslim Family'

By bringing people together to share food and conversation, the Rafeeqi family are creating opportunities for non-Muslims to expand their knowledge Read...
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"With this all around me, and with my parents’ dedication to families of children with disabilities, how could I not believe deeply in service to others?"

I'm An Intersectional Feminist Because Of My Sufi Faith

In Sufism, one of the central doctrines is non-judgment of anyone based on their gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. This is grounded in the Read...
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From the Dolce & Gabbana hijab and abaya collection

Can Fashion Help Fight Islamophobia?

Some of the lines are limited edition or only available in certain locations, but the very fact that these designers are choosing to make clothing Read...
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Flag of the Islamic State.

Ask A Feminist: What Do We Do About ISIS?

I’ve never read the Quran or attended a Mosque, but I’m pretty certain that if anyone had the chance to speak directly with the god Allah or the Read...
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Courtesy of, Wikimedia

Happy Birthday, Malcolm X—What Can We Learn From His Legacy? 

Malcolm X left this world with compassion, as well as a desire for equality and peace between folks of all ethnicities. Read...
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After Tragic Acts Of Terrorism, Can We Grieve Without Reflexive Racism?

A knee-jerk pivot toward bigotry and racism only reduces our collective humanity—and ultimately exacerbates the violence. Read...
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Credit: SERA

Let's Focus On ISIS Captive Peter Kassig's Inspirational Story, Not Islamic State's Insidious Propaganda

In this unthinkably dark time of decapitations and slaughter, we need to remain inspired by the work of people like Kassig. Read...
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Is 'Love Jihad' A Real Phenomenon In India?

Welcome to the growing phenomenon of forcibly converting Hindu girls to Islam through marriage. Read...
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