United Airlines, Leggings, And Deciding What Matters

Companies make unjust policies all the time, and they rarely change them except by public pressure. Read...
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Travel is a privilege. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Reasons I Sent My Toddler Across The Country — Without Me

Growing up, travel was a luxury that was simply out of reach, so I know firsthand that travel is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy. Read...
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I want to make the kids turn off their screens as I would in regular life back on the ground, but it seems like this is not the time to stick to rules or try for a parenting victory.

Screen Time Got My Family Through An 18-Hour Flight. I Regret Nothing.

Eighteen hours, even if prepared with reading and art material, snacks, and an upgrade to China Airline’s family couch seating, is still EIGHTEEN Read...
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Looks like a Group C-er to me.

Your Personality Profile According To Your Southwest Airlines Boarding Group

Career-wise, you’re the boss, or, if you’re not the boss yet (emphasis on YET), you’re the boss’s dream, going above and beyond in every way. You Read...
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MH17 Was Filled With Corpses—And Other Bizarre Theories Invented by the Russian Media

Determined to remove any culpability from the Kremlin or its rebel comrades-in-arms, the Russian media has concocted some real doozies. Read...
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High on History: The Insane Story of the 1983 Plane That Ran Out of Fuel—Mid-Flight

The surprise lesson from this wild story of panic and heroism at 33,000 feet? Be wary of the metric system. Read...
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The Best Stupid, Funny, Happy-Making Viral Videos to Kill Time Before the Weekend

This week, we bring you three grannies, two Broadway show tunes and a cat. Read...
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Broadway Cast of Lion King Blows Everyone's Minds on Australian Flight

This is a theater kid's wet dream. For every person who's every stood on a cliff out and belted out those iconic first warblings, "Nants ingonyama Read...
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