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The Best Apps To Turn To When You're Having A Panic Attack

“Apps for anxiety,” I whispered in the middle of a panic attack, holding down the round circle button on the front of my iPhone connecting to Siri. Read...
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Asking for help is the hardest part.

What Happens When We Ask Each Other For Help

Asking for help is the hardest part. The truth is that asking for help is uncomfortable, even when we’ve been repeatedly reassured that it’s welcome. Read...
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Mentally ill people are not separate from us — they are part of us.

I'm Mentally Ill — And I Will NOT Be Your Mass Shooting Scapegoat 

Content Notice: mass shootings and violence, suicide mention In the wake of yet another act of  domestic terrorism, Donald Trump — who is so Read...
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Unfortunately, mental illness stops for no one, and I had to quickly improvise new ways to feel stable.

Working Full-Time With Mental Illness Is Hard: Here's How I Do It

Creating safeguards like this for myself has allowed me to better navigate the unpredictability of mental illness while working a fulltime job. Read...
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I was really f*cking depressed.

The Time I Was So Depressed I Slept Under My Desk

I was depressed. My flatmate didn’t like me. I was depressed. The last train was at midnight, and I couldn’t always make it. I was depressed. Read...
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If you wonder why someone you love won’t take psych meds, this is a good place to start.

Why Don’t People Want To Take Psych Meds?

I'm here to tell you about all of the side effects I experience (or have experienced) when I take psych meds. This list is by no means exhaustive. Read...
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3 Tips For Eating Well When You're Really F*cking Depressed

In the midst of struggling with being depressed, you’re also saddled with the practical realities of staying alive. It’s no easy feat. Read...
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Caring for someone with an eating disorder can be incredibly stressful, so it's also vital that you have your own support structuring in place.

Can You Brie There For Me?: Polyamory & My Eating Disorder

I didn't tell them there were four individuals in the rapidly sinking ship that was our polyamory relationship: myself, him, her, and my eating Read...
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