mental illness

"Depression" — ten letters, three syllables, and one living hell that no one can comprehend.

How To Help Someone You Love Through Their Depression

To help the one you love battle their depression, here are some tips to follow. Read...
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Voice Lessons: Why I Speak Without Raising My Hand

Our noises are more than just vibrations; our soundings help constitute our presence in the world. Listen to me: what I have to say right now matters Read...
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Long Reads
What might one do instead of reading the news?

I'll Try Anything For A Week: What Happened When I Stopped Reading The News?

You really can’t know how things in your life are impacting you until you do without them. This is what happened when I stopped reading the news. Read...
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It took me a while to realize this because being in an abusive relationship was nothing like I had assumed abuse to feel like, but it was exactly what abuse looks like.

On Realizing You’re In An Abusive Relationship

It took me a while to realize I was in an abusive relationship. It was nothing like I'd assumed abuse to feel like, but was exactly what abuse looks Read...
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Sex + Love
So began the long, toxic love affair between my depression and my addiction.

When Your Addiction And Depression Are In A Codependent Relationship

So began the long, toxic love affair between my depression and my addiction. They battled silently and stealthily for control over my body and mind. Read...
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I try to imagine weathering the storm of my father’s death without these animals by my side, and the thought alone nearly capsizes me.

Animal Companionship Is As Essential For My Mental Health As Human Connection

In what’s been the most difficult year of my life, animal companionship has been as essential to my mental wellbeing as the time spent with my family. Read...
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It took things getting a lot worse before I was ready to get better.

How Mental Health Stigma Almost Killed Me

It was my pattern: if therapy got too intense, if I started feeling better, or if I was referred to a psychiatrist, I’d just stop going. I couldn’t Read...
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The Best Apps To Turn To When You're Having A Panic Attack

“Apps for anxiety,” I whispered in the middle of a panic attack, holding down the round circle button on the front of my iPhone connecting to Siri. Read...
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