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On Tidying Up And Mental Illness

There’s nothing I can let go of that ends my renewed experiences of stigma and shame surrounding mental illness. Read...
Lynda Williams of Role Reboot    |   07.8.19   |   SHARE
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OCD Isn’t An Anxiety Disorder – Here’s Why That Matters

When I was diagnosed with OCD several years ago, like most people, I assumed it was an anxiety disorder. It wasn’t until months later that I stumbled Read...
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I am doing this at the risk of people who may criticize or question me, because at least some part of me knows: If I don’t, something worse will happen to me, and soon.

The First Time I Cared About Myself More Than The Consequences

Despite the possible consequences, I am allowing myself more than a mere moment to recuperate. Read...
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Does chronic anxiety ever make you feel like a flake?

Please Understand I’m Not A Flake, I Just Have Anxiety

Does chronic anxiety ever make you feel like a flake? Read...
Elizabeth Laura Nelson of SHESAID    |   01.31.19   |   SHARE
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Stop Thinking You Understand Depression

Mild depression (more familiar to the masses than its more severe form) is like being relentlessly cold; MDD is like having extreme frostbite. Read...
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How can I know either, let alone both of us, will be okay? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: How Do You Deal With A Breakup When You Both Have Mental Illness?

We both have mental illness. How can I know either, let alone both of us, will be okay after our breakup? Read...
Erin Khar   |   11.28.18   |   SHARE
Ask Erin
(Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Is My Boyfriend Going To Leave Me Because Of My Mental Health Issues?

I just can't shake this feeling that my boyfriend going to leave me and find someone who makes him happy without mental health issues. Read...
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Ask Erin
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What Teaching Taught Me About Empathy

And then I did what some people might consider unprofessional: I opened up to them as well. I struggle with a variety of mental health conditions. Read...
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