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Ask Erin: Is My Boyfriend Going To Leave Me Because Of My Mental Health Issues?

I just can't shake this feeling that my boyfriend going to leave me and find someone who makes him happy without mental health issues. Read...
Erin Khar   |   11.14.18   |   SHARE
Ask Erin
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What Teaching Taught Me About Empathy

And then I did what some people might consider unprofessional: I opened up to them as well. I struggle with a variety of mental health conditions. Read...
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Here’s What It’s Really Like To Have OCD

People just don’t get OCD. OCD is a well-recognized mental illness which affects roughly 1-2% of the population. Yet, it remains badly misunderstood. Read...
Dylan Brethour    |   11.12.18   |   SHARE
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My Bipolar Disorder In Five Dates​

Once I learned how to discuss my bipolar disorder, I stopped defining myself by my illness and started talking about my emotions as well as my Read...
Tracey Lynn Lloyd    |   11.6.18   |   SHARE
Long Reads
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When Getting Out Of Bed Feels Like Climbing A Mountain

I forced myself out the door that morning for a run - depression had sucked the life and determination from my mind and body. Read...
Emily Halnon    |   10.26.18   |   SHARE
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My Mental Illness Isn’t A Haunted House Attraction 

Ultimately, asylum-themed haunted houses make a mockery and sideshow attraction out of the pain of people with mental illness. Read...
Tessa Torgeson    |   10.17.18   |   SHARE
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What I Learned From My Brother's Suicide

I know that in sharing my story of my brother's suicide, I can contribute to greater awareness around the reality of suicide. Read...
Olivia Pennelle    |   10.9.18   |   SHARE
I wish I had realized there was no such thing as being too young to have mental health issues.

I Thought I Was "Too Young" For Mental Health Problems

I wish I had realized there was no such thing as being too young to have mental health issues. That there was nothing shameful about postpartum Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   09.25.18   |   SHARE