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Keeping Intimacy Interesting When Trying To Have A Baby

Ovulation tracking, scheduling sex, optimizing positions - it is ironic and downright unfair that the act of baby making can feel so unsexy. Read...
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So why do pregnancy announcements still affect me so much?

Pregnancy Announcements Can Be Hard When Dealing With Infertility

Pregnancy announcements are the norm all over social media. But for someone experiencing infertility, seeing those announcements can be triggering. Read...
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To be shamed while pregnant is so upsetting.

What It's Like To Be Shamed While Pregnant

I’m not even a mother yet, but I’ve never felt as disparaged in my life as I do now, as a pregnant mom-to-be. To be shamed while pregnant is so Read...
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Attention, If You Have Ever Said "A Man Would Never Have A Baby," A Transgender Man JUST DID

Today in, News That Will Hopefully Cease To Be News At Some Point In The Near Future: A transgender man had a baby. Read...
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John McEnroe Insults Serena Williams, Proves, Once Again, That He's A Total Bastard

Bitch, please. Serena is like a million months pregnant and she could STILL whip your ass. Read...
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My oldest holding our surprise (photo: Allison Dickie)

Finding Out You're Pregnant When You're Done Having Kids

I walked back into our bedroom and showed my husband the little strip with the telltale two pink lines. Read...
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I can’t seem to settle into the happiness I should have. It’s there, but it’s swirling with anxiety and fear.

Navigating IVF: The Pregnancy Test

Okay, I know I’ve kept some of you that follow me on Instagram in the dark for awhile now, and I’m sorry. I wanted to write this column and let Read...
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I didn’t realize just how much I needed — or how the packing game had changed — until I needed to place it all neatly into my (now) overflowing suitcase. Image: condesign/Pixabay.

5 Ways Being Pregnant Has Changed My Travel Prep Game

Pregnancy changes more than just your body and your emotions: it changes the “stuff” that you need on a daily basis, too. I didn’t realize just how Read...
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