RIP, Shirley Temple: A Guide to the Best (and Weirdest) Temple Fan Pages

It’s a sad day, y’all. Shirley Temple, that curly-topped, tap-dancing, Animal Cracker-singing ingénue, has passed away, leaving a pint-sized hole in the world. (Wait, she grew up to become a full-sized adult? Whatever.)

Bur fear not. If you can't get enough of the Good Ship Lollipop , there are plenty of fan sites and webpages to warm your grieving heart. So make yourself a Dirty Shirley and start lamenting.

Official Shirley Temple Website

True, this looks like it was designed at the same time the Internet was invented, but the soft tones and throwback vibe are somehow fitting for the subject at hand. It’s also your go-to spot for buying Temple-related books, DVD box sets (oh so many DVD box sets…) and more.

FanPop! Shirley Temple

This simple site has everything you could want: videos, articles, forums, more. It’s worth it for the polls alone, including the recent “Can you believe she (just) died?” which reveals 100 percent agree with the statement, “What!!! I can’t believe it!”

The Shirley Temple Tumblr Archive

This is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of OMG-so-adorable photos of the young miss Temple, interspersed with rejoice-worthy gifs.

Shirley Temple, Dolls, and Collectibles [sic]

Odd comma usage notwithstanding, this is a top-notch site for all your Temple doll-buying needs. Oh, wow, Shirley Temple dolls are super weird and creepy. Actually, maybe don’t go to this site.

Image: classicfilmscans/Flickr

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