Watch: Little Girl Channels Billie Holiday, Puts Your 7-Year-Old Self to Shame

Recently on Norway's Got Talent (because we all know Sweden doesn't have any), seven-year-old Angelina Jordan Astar tapped into the talents of the esteemed jazz singer Billie Holiday and belted her little heart out to "Gloomy Sunday." Looking surprisingly like a baby Lorde, Angelina nailed every note and brought tears to the judge's eyes.

Damn heavy song for a kid, right? Precocious Angelina says she understands the song and felt something "special" in it. What were you doing at 7?! Probably not making a jazz legend proud. Check out Billie's version too, because, you know, history's cool, man.

Image: Excuse me honey, can I borrow your voice? Courtesy of YouTube

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