Sarah Jessica Parker's Vogue Interview is the Humblebrag of the Century

It’s pretty well established that we have a love/hate thing going with celebrities. As a society, we simultaneously worship them, and root for their train-wreck demise. This Vogue “interview” with Sarah Jessica Parker gives us some superfine footage (and fodder) for feeling so many things at once. SJP acts as gracious hostess (Coat? Sit! Water?) while an interviewer bombards her with 73 questions, with nary a second in between. It’s one massive humble brag—she’s soooo down to earth ... except she’s waaaay better(re: richer, more successful, posseses a tighter ass) than the rest of us.

And spoiler alert! She has a gorgeous home.

But it’s also cleverly done — SJP is super engaging, and I found myself surprisingly sucked into her responses. What is her favorite country to visit? What?!—she prefers kittens over puppies?! Get your love/hate on below.

Image: Youtube screenshot.


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