Duncan Black: The Nicest Male Escort Ever?

Esteemed male escort Duncan Black doesn’t look like a big bad sex worker. No. He’s more the like the cute guy you’d secretly crush on in college. The smoking hot, unnervingly humble, excruciatingly charming guy you'd crush on in college.  

This dashing dude is up for a major escort award—yup, there is excellence in the field of escort services—and currently charges $400 an hour for a (non-sexual) date. Though Black’s explored LadyVille, he sticks solely to men these days. From looking at his pic, it's hard to imagine anything breathing that wouldn't want a piece of him. The pairing of his ungodly sexiness and Gandhi-like humbleness makes him a top-notch contender to spank banks everywhere. In the age of the narcissistic b*tch (or is that just me?), we appreciate humility—preferably combined with hotness—​wherever we can get it.

Here’s what we gleaned from Black’s social media presence and stellar interview with Daily Beast.

1. It's not about him.  “When I’m with a client, it’s not about me. It’s about the client . . .I want every one of my clients to leave happy, and in a better place than when I started.”

2. Apparently, he never breaks eye contact when talking to you.

3. Despite making bank, he still eats cheap comfort food (mashed potatoes and milkshakes, to be exact).

4. He’s close to his family and frequently tweets about his sister.

5. He acts as a confidante to his clients—especially those who aren’t fully "out."

6. Before his current career, he worked as a manager at Jimmy John’s often clocking 85 hours a week.

7. He openly admits that his early days in porn were hard (I mean, difficult) and he did struggle to get to where he is.

8. He digs his Twitter followers.

Despite showcasing numerous sexy shots on both of his Twitter accounts, his main image is a simple, gorgeous pic of him smiling dreamily at the camera with those amazing oceany eyes.

Where was I . . .?

Oh. Right. If there's a fine line between confidence and cockiness—Black seems to be resting his gorgeous self all over it. 

Image: The man himself, courtesy of Facebook

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