Amazing Test Answers Torment Teachers, Delight Us

We've all been there. (In fact these moments comprise many of my anxiety dreams.) You stroll into class, take a seat, open your notebook and stare vaguely ahead waiting for the knowledge drop.

But then suddenly like a shimmering mirage of misery your teacher is standing at the head of the classroom with a fistful of papers and uttering those most-dreaded words: "Books and pencils away. Test time."

Fuuuuuuuuck you moan in your mind. I knew that creeping nagging feeling wasn't old tacos in my stomach, it was the fact I was supposed to be studying for this G-D biology exam last night. But no matter. Armed with evasion, wit and sheer insolence you've got all the answers you need.

While I've scrawled some real sassy bullshit in my day, you gotta give props when they're do. Please bask in the genius below and click that shit for more fantastic fodder!


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