Watch: Beware of Hungry Planet Eaters!

Given the enormity of the universe and plethora of solar systems, scientists’ dutiful search for life-friendly planets is truly like the proverbial needle in a haystack. A big effing haystack. But as they go, researchers are discovering ways to zero in on certain space regions to expedite the search.

A recent finding: In some systems, stars get carnivorous with nearby planets. As this Slate clip explains, testing reveals that systems with closer orbits than ours can result in larger gaseous planets throwing around their gravitational force like galaxy-bullies. They ultimately can push earth-like planets to a fiery doom, colliding with their suns.

Result: Astronomers should skip solar systems with short star wave lengths, which signal the suns are (gasp!) HUNGRY PLANET EATERS! Watch the video for more terrifying details.

Image: ThinkStock

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