Hear This: Sylvan Esso's Seductive "Coffee"

Especially on the radio, music can easily lull you into complacency. The melodies change, the instruments shift, the lyrics are new—but frequently, each song conjures the same essential mood as the last.

And then—every once in a while—a song cuts through the monotony and dares you to really listen.

I still remember the jolt I felt the first time I heard Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know" and Lorde's "Royals," both before they were hits. Now, I've been enlivened by a song called "Coffee" from the fiercely talented duo Sylvan Esso.

The tune layers a juicy, catchy hook on top of an ambient background, then adds subtle textures—a knock-knock-knock in the second verse; a slow-burn build before the climax—to deepen the listening experience. The end result is a song that feels at once exciting and comforting—and, above all else, marks itself as something truly different.

Give it a listen below, then tell us what you think.

Image: Facebook

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