The '70s is for everyone.

Off The Cuff: How Do I Make The ‘70s Trend Work For My Body Type?

There is no law that says only certain body types are allowed to wear certain styles of clothing. Nothing terrible is going to happen to you if you opt for a pair of flare jeans that make your thighs look bigger or a maxi dress that visually shortens your already short frame. You will still be gorgeous and unique and worthy of love and respect.

Credit: Facebook/Mad Men

Dear Joan: An Apology From A Feminist Mad Men Fan

You are smart, Joan, and you have talents—you just haven’t been allowed to find out what they are.


Watch: 1970s Japanese Spider-Man Takes Cheesiness to Glorious New Heights

Tokyo relied on this disco-era Spider-Man and his trusty robot friend to combat crime and delight audiences.